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玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

♥ 10 Glamorous Wallpapers ♥ in a single live wallpaper! Choose between custom silver zebra sequins, pink feather bokeh, pink sequin glimmer, elegant black sequins, pink sequin leopard, pink diamonds, and more! Heart shaped diamonds fall gently down your screen, touch them and they turn into smaller heart diamonds. Or turn them off to simply enjoy the wallpapers.

There are settings to change the heart diamonds direction, speed, and turn a shimmer sound effect on/off. There's also a color tint option to adjust the brightness and color of the wallpaper to your liking. All wallpapers are HD size and scroll with your screen.

★ Wallpapers are applied through a live wallpaper and compatible with all launchers and are a great way to easily match your pink launcher themes.

Matching Glamorous themes can be found here:

Matching Go Launcher theme:


Matching Go SMS theme:


Matching Go Locker theme:

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩


Matching Go Keyboard theme:


Matching Go Contacts theme:


★ 10 Wallpapers Included + 2 Bonus ones & Interactive features:

✔ Silver Sequin Zebra

✔ Pink Feather Bokeh

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

✔ Rainbow Sequin Zebra

✔ Disco Ball Explosion

✔ Pink Sequin Shimmer

✔ Elegant Black Sequins

✔ Platinum & Gold Sequins

✔ Pink Sequin Leopard

✔ BONUS Wallpaper One???

✔ BONUS Wallpaper Two???

Live Wallpaper Features:

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

✔ 10 Different ultra glamorous wallpapers to choose from

✔ Tablet supported, HD wallpapers

✔ Choose from 3 different speeds

✔ Turn touch interactions on/off

✔ Turn the falling hearts & stars on/off

✔ Turn sound effects on/off

✔ Adjust wallpaper color to your liking (lighter/darker/pick a color, endless color choices)

✔ 4 different diamond heart movements (up, down, left, right)

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

✔ Uses very little battery

✔ Hit counter, keep track of your score when you're bored

✔ High score tracker & reset button

✔ Supports SD Card installation

✔ + More to discover

To apply:

Menu > Live Wallpapers > Glamour Girl Live Wallpaper

*** Any problems, feedback, or requests just email

[email protected]

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

, we like hearing from the people using our apps! ***

If you enjoy it, let me know in the ratings. Thanks for your support!

玩個人化App|★ Glamorous Wallpaper Pack ★免費|APP試玩

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