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玩攝影App|100+ Love Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

You Can decorate your pictures with high quality Love Photo Frames, a grid of photos, which makes you feel that your photos are real Photo grid Frame.

You can create Best Love Photo using Best and high quality love frame.

You can combine multiple photos with different frame patterns and photo grids.


HD quality couple Photo frames Collection.

Simple and User Friendly Interface.

玩攝影App|100+ Love Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

select Photo from Camera and Gallery.

Mutiple photo selection

On touch photo appears above from all the layers

No internet connection is required.

Save to SD card

Rotate, zoom in or zoom out by finger touch.

玩攝影App|100+ Love Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

Pinch Zoom your Image.

100+ Love Photo Frames application is totally free, Please rate us and send your valuable feedback to make its better.

玩攝影App|100+ Love Photo Frames免費|APP試玩

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