1010 block clear|不限時間玩解謎App

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玩解謎App|1010 block clear免費|APP試玩

An exciting and addicting game,for kids and adult of all ages!

Game is playing on a 10x10 board.It’s not a traditional falling block game. You need to put various colored blocks on the board. When a row or column is full, it gets eliminated,freeing up space for new block. But, in spite of the simple game rules, you have to make serious effort to get significant results and get HighScore. Don't forget to keep the blocks from filling the board then game end.

Starts out easy and gets increasingly harder as you progress.

!!! IMPORTANT TIP: if you make a mistake you can go back !!!

Not like Tetris but more interesting! You can play in any free short period,in anywhere.

A ranking system and achievements have also been added to challenge your family, friends, colleagues and people who you know.

Game features:

- No Falling Blocks!

玩解謎App|1010 block clear免費|APP試玩

- No Time Limitation!

- Night Game Modes for your eyes!

玩解謎App|1010 block clear免費|APP試玩

- Undo Step Supported!

- Train your Attention

玩解謎App|1010 block clear免費|APP試玩

- Free

Millions of automatically-generated combinations that need to be solved,enjoy 1010 block clear!

玩解謎App|1010 block clear免費|APP試玩

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