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The annual MAS LA Convention was developed with Tarbiya in mind. Tarbiya is an Arabic term that refers to the process of educating, nurturing, and developing individuals, groups, and societies. Tarbiya is a continuous positive influence that leads to growth in all aspects - intellectual, spiritual, and physical - and the development of skills, talents, and abilities. Tarbiya is the hallmark of the MAS model. It is our focus on Tarbiya that makes us truly unique.

Each aspect of the convention focuses on developing the individual in order to create a more excellent society. In keeping with this one-of-a-kind philosophy the MAS Convention also has several unique aspects:

-An Enriching Event for the Whole Family

玩商業App|2014 MAS LA Convention免費|APP試玩

The MAS Convention has a specifically-designed, meticulously-prepared program for every age group. This year the convention has full Childcare, Kids Club, Camp Dean, Young Youth, Youth, and Main Program. From toddlers to the elderly, every attendee will find a program tailored to their specific needs and interests.

-Powerful Programming

玩商業App|2014 MAS LA Convention免費|APP試玩

Each MAS Convention has a powerful line-up of world-renowned Muslim Scholars, Speakers, and Entertainers. Innovative programs and sessions allow attendees to gain the maximum benefit from our high-profile guests.

-True Islamic Spirit and Environment

玩商業App|2014 MAS LA Convention免費|APP試玩

Our Convention organizers aim not only to put on a strong program but also to create a wholesome Islamic environment that gives attendees both a sense of peace and renewed sense of purpose and Muslim pride.

玩商業App|2014 MAS LA Convention免費|APP試玩

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