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2b2c LOAN CALCULATOR computes the refunding payments of a loan needing several grouped cash flows to describe.

A grouped cash flow is a number of periods with the same payment value (for example 12 monthly payments of 1,000 + 12 of 1,500 + 24 of 1,800).

玩財經App|2b2c Loan Calculator免費|APP試玩

2b2c LOAN CALCULATOR finds the missing value of the amortization schedule for one or several groups: the loan amount, the number of compounding periods, the payment value, payments at the end of a grace period...

What is more, calculations can be done using the percentages of principal amortized by group or the weights method.

The final amortization schedule display all cash flows and the rates (nominal, APR and IRR).

Please, contact us by mail to suggest improvements or report any diffculty you met.

This Android version software is freely distributed. A Windows version in the French language is available with added features (www.editions2b2c.fr).

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