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玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

Reach every app with maximum 2tap.

You need to install the free version of 2tap Launcher at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fabiosanto.home

2tap Launcher is the new best experience of android launcher.

2tap Launcher Pro unlocks the following feature in 2tap Launcher :

** Widgets

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

Add Widgets on homescreen

**Icon Pack Support

Choose from hundreds of icon packs (Nova Launcher Compatibility)


玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

Add a profile to use a set of cards useful for each time of your day

** App per row

Select how many apps per row will be placed in your cards

** Card enter animation

Choose enter animation for your cards

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

** Card exit animation

Choose exit animation for your cards

** App name visibility

Select if show or not app name in your cards

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

** Custom shortcut

Add your favorite shortcut on your ActionBar

Easy , Fast , Fun

2tap Launcher let you organize in the best way your apps.

You can see only the most important app in your home screen. The others are simply accessible from right side menu.

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

With cards everything is possible.

Stunning animation will bring you up only the apps that you need.

Widget in cards, simple to read and easy to browse

Gorgeous background wallpaper will fits your screen and let you feel at home.

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

Left side menu offer a great way to find apps not organised.

Gesture and animation let all more simple and fun.

Quickly browse through your apps.

- Left side menu with All apps filtered for first letters

- Right side menu with Profiles, Other Cards and Special Cards

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

- Home with cards

- Widgets in cards (Pro)

- Profiles, a set of cards (Pro)

- Icon Pack Support (Pro)

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

- Custom Shortcuts (Pro)

- Custom animation (Pro)

- Card personalization (Pro)

- Special cards with group by letter apps

- Stunning wallpaper with parallax and blur effects

玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

- Possibility to select other wallpaper or live wallpaper

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玩個人化App|2tap Launcher Pro免費|APP試玩

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