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Want to purchase billions of good bargains from Taobao, alibaba, amazon.cn, 当当, 京东商城? Crave for beauty products, delicious food & fashion attires from Taiwan?

You can get them to your door step in reliable, easier and quicker way through Singapore No.1 shopping service platform www.65daigou.com on your mobile!

Why 65daigou?

Singapore registered company with more than 50,000 customer base

Over 100,000 service reviews from satisfied customers

View latest products purchased and recommended by other customers

Real time update on order status anytime, anywhere

玩生活App|65daigou - taobao agent免費|APP試玩

Instant communication for order processing through mobile

Correct products guaranteed with our inspection service

Enjoy budget and fast international shipping (multiple shipping methods - DHL, sea and etc.)

Save more on shipping cost as we consolidate and repack your parcels

FREE collection - 100 collection points at MRT stations, neighborhood & warehouses

Compensation for lost & damaged items (free insurance up to SGD100)

Download today for free and register immediately to get 100 credits in your account!

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