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Stay connected to ADA University with the official ADA University app. News, events, locations, class resources, and more are at your fingertips.

ADA University Mobile is the first official app and one-touch experience for all things ADA University. Whether you’re an ADA University student, alumni or ADA University lover, this app will have you mobile ADA with you!

The official mobile app of ADA University is designed to enhance the experience of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.  It allows you to navigate campus, view the latest news and events, and access a variety of ADA University academic and administrative resources.

Features include:

• Calendars for the latest ADA University events

• News feeds to see what’s happening around campus

• Directory of students, staff and faculty on campus

玩教育App|ADA University Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Campus Map to find your classes

• Latest official photos

• Latest official videos

玩教育App|ADA University Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Social activities such as Facebook and Twitter feeds

• Youtube channels

• Meal Plan

玩教育App|ADA University Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Youtube channels

• Learning Management System

• Admissions

玩教育App|ADA University Mobile免費|APP試玩

• Maps

• Forum

• Emergency information and Announcements

玩教育App|ADA University Mobile免費|APP試玩

• and much more…

Download our app for free, and use corporate credentials to get an access.

For more information go to ADA University web site —

For corporate information go to ADA Portal –


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