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玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩

Dark matte theme of the new eXo suite !


Only HDPI For now

Reflection on icons are ONLY for ADW Launcher EX users.

Requires ADW Launcher 1.3.6 or higher

This ADW Theme include :

240 and more linked icons


Frequently updated

Iphone-ish dark design

玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩


-- GUIDE (for same as screenshots) :) -- (advanced users can skip)

Perfect render with ADW launcher EX !

- Install & configure the eXo theme

1. Choose and install your ADW Launcher from the market.

2. In ADW press menu button, more > ADWSettings > Themes Preferences > eXo Matte > Apply.

3. Put icons in the dockbar and long press it (ADW FREE) or double tap on it (ADW Launcher ex) > Edit > tap the icon > ADWTheme Icon Packs > eXo Matte > choose icon > OK

4. ADW Launcher EX only ! Active reflection : press menu button, more > ADWSettings > UI Settings > Main Dock > check Reflections

4. ADW Launcher EX only ! Select a different dock from the theme. Press menu button, more > ADWSettings > Theme preference > Main dock > Custom... > eXo Matte > select dock

玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩

Tips : Where are the APP drawer ?

Use gesture ! : Menu, more > ADWSettings > General Behavior > Gestures > Swipe up actions (or whatever you want) Open close app drawer !

- Install extra widgets

Miui clock :

MIUI Evolution Reload Clock


MIUI Dark Analog Clock Widget

Configuration > Add the widget to desktop > Apply skin to a clock > choose skin

Snowstorm (weather widget) :

Add 4x1 widget on desktop > tap on it > choose your location and check transparent background > Save.

玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩

tap again on it > Menu button > Skin > scroll down in the bottom and choose tick (for fit like my screenshot) or whatever your want.

tap again again on it :) > menu button > settings > scroll down > widget day/time color SELECT COLOR > white or smooth white / yellow

Resources :

Complete guides and descriptions here (XDA) :

Stay tuned here (live work progress and special promotions for followers !)

thanks to DrXala for provide assistance and package name for HTC icons

Enjoy it, thanks for rating :)

玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩

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玩個人化App|ADW eXo Matte免費|APP試玩

ADW eXo Matte 線上APP手遊玩免費

不限時間玩ADW eXo Matte App免費


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