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玩書籍App|AIPAC Policy Conference 2015免費|APP試玩

The app will provide you with important news, session information, conference maps, AIPAC Village information, notifications, videos, and much more that are related to AIPAC Policy Conference 2015.

When installing the app on your iPad or iPhone, please make sure you have the latest operating system installed. If you need to upgrade your system, visit Settings-->General-->Software Update on your device.

This app allows you to:

▪ View your 2015 Policy Conference schedule

▪ Read about conference speakers

玩書籍App|AIPAC Policy Conference 2015免費|APP試玩

▪ Navigate maps of the conference convention center

▪ Learn about our important lobbying issues

▪ Watch important AIPAC videos

玩書籍App|AIPAC Policy Conference 2015免費|APP試玩

▪ Read news stories that effect AIPAC and Israel

▪ Learn about AIPAC's presence in your community

▪ Contact key congress representatives about AIPAC issues

玩書籍App|AIPAC Policy Conference 2015免費|APP試玩

▪ And much, much more!

The My AIPAC tab will give you access your personal program. Login using your username and password (the same username and password you used for session selection).

玩書籍App|AIPAC Policy Conference 2015免費|APP試玩

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