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ANewsLy delivers Google News articles organized by Google’s Topics on your smartphone and tablet, quickly, in all languages, using a low bandwidth, and offering advanced reading offline without network.


If you are a reader of Google News, and you’d like to read the news anywhere, even with a very poor connectivity or no connectivity, ANewsLy will help you.

Google News are downloaded when the network is up, preferably over Wi-Fi. News are cached and minimized to consume the least possible bandwidth. Even with a small subscription data, or an Internet Access Provider with a bad coverage, news articles are readable everywhere.


* Multi-Region selection - Select the list of region, select Google News topics from multiple regions and languages.

* Fast List View - view quickly the last news for all the topics in all language. Swipe left-and-right to display all the topics.

玩新聞App|ANewsLy ( Google News )免費|APP試玩

* Quick description – short description of all articles. Swipe left-and-right to navigate in all the news of a topic.

* Minimize download – Fast download of complete articles, reduced bandwidth. Reduce by 90% the size of downloaded data, quick content download without extra JS/CSS/images/… without using a proxy.

* Share articles – share article URL using your favorite installed applications

* Automatized download – auto-refresh of topics and articles, auto cache and download.

* Timed download – setup alarm to download fresh news just before taking your plane.

玩新聞App|ANewsLy ( Google News )免費|APP試玩

* Auto clean – clean old news automatically without any operation.

* Auto cache minimized – automatically generate the minimized version of the news and cache it for further reading.

About minimization:

The embedded web navigator reduces the size of the downloaded data by downloading only the body of the news, the extra Javascript/images/CSS files are ignored during the minimization process. The displayed paged in the minimize-web-browser is not a complete web page rendering but only the rendering of essential parts. The original URL is always available for rendering with the system navigator. Be aware that, sometimes, the minimization will not work for some Web pages with inconsistent structure, incomplete or impossible to interpret during minimization.

Supported Google News regions and langage:

Asia: Australia - India - Israel - Malaysia - New Zealand - Pakistan - Philippines - Singapore - العالم العربي (Arab world) - الإمارات (UAE) - لبنان (Lebanon) - السعودية (KSA) - 中国版 (China) - 香港版 (Hong Kong) - भारत (India) - தமிழ்(India) - മലയാളം (India) - తెలుగు (India) - ישראל (Israel) - 日本 (Japan) - 한국 (Korea) - 台灣版 (Taiwan) - Việt Nam (Vietnam)‎

玩新聞App|ANewsLy ( Google News )免費|APP試玩

Europe & Africa: België - Belgique - Botswana - Česká republika - Deutschland - España - Ethiopia - France - Ghana - Ireland - Italia - Kenya - Magyarország - Moroc - Namibia - Nederland - Nigeria - Norge - Österreich - Polska - Portugal - Schweiz - Sénégal - South Africa - Suisse - Sverige - Tanzania - Türkiye - Uganda - U.K. - Zimbabwe - مصر (Egypt) - Ελλάδα (Greece) - Россия (Russia) - Србија (Serbia) - Украина (Ukraine) - Україна (Ukraine)

North & South America: Argentina - Brasil - Canada English - Canada Français - Chile - Colombia - Cuba - Estados Unidos - México - Perú - U.S. - Venezuela

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玩新聞App|ANewsLy ( Google News )免費|APP試玩

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