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玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

A new member of the APUS Family, APUS Browser is a lightweight mobile browser that' s tiny, easy-to-use, and

fastest – undoubtedly one of the best Android browsers on the market.

Doing away with nonessential features, APUS Browser delivers a frictionless user experience designed for one

task – to search the web effortlessly, within a reliable and speedy browser that' s just 0.6MB small.

Highlighted in small-size, easy-to-use, and fast speed, APUS Browser is well developed to be one of best speed browser for users.

Features of APUS Browser:

玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

Favorite shortcuts: Quickly load your favorite sites, popular social networks, and trending news

with 1-tap.

Favorite search engine: Choose your favorite search engine including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex,

DuckDuckGo, AOL, and Ask.com without compromising on speed.

Instant search results: Revisit previously browsed or most visited sites that instantly reappear in

the search results as you type.

玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

Voice Search: Use Google Voice to find answers on-the-go without typing.

Multi-tab Management: Easily navigate between multiple tabs with convenient gesture controls between

browser windows.

Downloads Manager: Immediately find every file you’ve downloaded within APUS Browser.

Bookmark: Bookmark your favorite websites for later access and fast browsing, on demand.

No-Image Mode: Turn on 'No-image' to disable images and video to load pages swiftly and save on

玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

mobile data.

Speed Mode: Load and browse your web page with faster speed.

Game Mode: Automatically display the full-screen to make playing HTML5 online games more fun.

Minimalist, yet customizable homescreen: Tired of cluttered mobile Internet browser homescreens?

Experience a simple homescreen that offers just enough customization to make browsing faster, but clean enough

to making browsing sites a breeze.

玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

Why choose APUS Browser:

Small: APUS speed browser is just 0.6MB small and doesn' t burden your device' s memory (RAM),

ensuring that your device runs smoothly.

玩通訊App|APUS Browser-Fast,Easy,Small免費|APP試玩

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