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AR Rivethead! Design Interactive's fast paced Augmented Reality game that takes you right in the heart of the assembly line. Navigate your way through 4 stages of an assembly sorting task, making sure that the right equipment goes where it is supposed to....or else watch money fly out the door!

Engage directly in the design of the machine to impact the outcome, choose how many conveyor belts to use and how fast they should go to see how that impacts your overall performance as an operator!

Lastly, engage in a unique perspective at troubleshooting machine issues and quickly learn on the fly how to mitigate disaster when the machine goes awry!

玩模擬App|AR Rivethead免費|APP試玩

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**Please Note** - This game uses Augmented Reality technology and requires the use of a "target image". Please go to this location to download and print the image.

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