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玩通訊App|Acro  Message Scheduler免費|APP試玩

Message scheduler is a android application that allows people to schedule messages to be sent in future.

Its time your phone is intelligent enough to send messages without your help. Just enter a contact,

time and message and then forget about it.

You can also set messages to repeat for those birthdays, daily tasks you always forget.

There are no restrictions to the number of users for whom the message is to be scheduled.

There is an option to select or type in multiple recpients at once.


Install the application from the market.

玩通訊App|Acro  Message Scheduler免費|APP試玩

Launch the application

The home screen Contains

1.) A button to Schedule a new message : This will take the user to a screen to create a message that is to be scheduled to the future.

2.) A button to schedule Broadcast messages : This will list out all the contacts information set in the contacts (phonebook).

3.) A button to Change password: This will open an activity to change password. It will require your current password and new password.

You also have option to delete and edit the scheduled messages. Just tap on the scheduled messages and hold it for a second.

Please Note: The system never deletes any message so that the user can have a track of the messages all the time.

THAT’S IT. It can't get simpler than this. Isn't it?

Prepared By: Antriksh Shrivastava (0827CS121031), CSE Dept, AITR Indore and Ayushi Verma (0827CS121043), CSE Dept, AITR Indore.

玩通訊App|Acro  Message Scheduler免費|APP試玩

Guided By: Prof. Sanjay Bansal, Prof. & Head, CSE Dept, AITR Indore

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