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This is a simple but effective Admob client for Android.

Using the official AdMob API this app will give you the latest stats and revenue for you're sites and ads.

Currently this AdMob is available in English and Spanish, translators are welcome.


If you linked your Admob account to a Google Account please do the following:

Log in to the desktop website, Go to "Account Information", Scroll to the bottom and select "Enable read-only API access to your account".

This will then give you a randomly generated password, log in to the app using your normal e-mail address, with this password.

Top Reviews:

玩商業App|AdMob [Beta]免費|APP試玩

"Best admob app so far" - Steve

"Pretty slick" - LumberJack

This is an early stage beta and we're looking for feedback for a wide range of AdMob users, whether you consider yourself a power user or only have a need for this app every once in a while.

We intend to work on a widget and small screen support as soon as possible.

Please report any bugs to: [email protected]

Recent changes:

Added a new smaller widget and made both widgets clickable to open the application.

A number of changes have been made to the way the app talks to Admob, so if you experience problems please email [email protected]

I am aware that home screens that can go landscape break the widgets, I intend to fix this as soon as possible.

Content rating: Everyone

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