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玩工具App|Advanced Vibrator免費|APP試玩

This vibrator has advantages below:

-The best and essential vibrator designed ever!

-Better and more comfortable user experience.

-Rich variety of preset modes will satisfy different uses.

-Personal and easy custom mode, enjoy DIY!

玩工具App|Advanced Vibrator免費|APP試玩

-Owned Various functions: lose weight, massage, analog calls, relax, flirt......

-Beautiful UI and music will bring you more comfortable user experience! Enjoy this little tool from today! (Can

be turned off)

-The healthy vibration frequency suggested by doc. will never harm your body.

-Save the mode created easily, you can find your saved modes in Mode function.

玩工具App|Advanced Vibrator免費|APP試玩

-Free limited only today!

App is very easy,what you see is what you get. Enjoy your time.

You make things worth!


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