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玩漫畫App|Adventures Into Darkness # 8免費|APP試玩

Adventures Into Darkness is a Golden Age comics series that ran for 10 issues from August 1952-1954. The series was published by Nedor Comics. Nedor Comics was the comic book line of publisher Ned Pines, who also published pulp magazines under a variety of company names (primarily Standard, Better and Thrilling) that he also used for the comics. In business from 1939 to 1956, Nedor was a prolific publisher during the Golden Age of comic books. Its best-known character is The Black Terror. In June of 1949, all comics were moved to the "Standard Comics" line, with a "Standard Comics" flag-like cover logo (all titles previously had no publisher logo, which was the norm at the time). In 1956, Standard ended and only two were continued by Pines Comics. What connection this new company had with Ned Pines and his company is unclear.

These comics are in the public domain and various publishers and creators have used them since.

玩漫畫App|Adventures Into Darkness # 8免費|APP試玩


玩漫畫App|Adventures Into Darkness # 8免費|APP試玩

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