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玩書籍App|Aircraft Guide civil aircraft免費|APP試玩

Single and twin engine aircraft guide. Full details and photos.

** Now with full listings of twin engine aircraft, with prices of the latest models ** Reviewed: highly recommended*

Including Cessna, Piper, Robin, Lancair, Murphy, Vans and more.

Very detailed information for the aviation enthusiast.

NEW: User can now email aircraft details.

玩書籍App|Aircraft Guide civil aircraft免費|APP試玩

★ Full color photographs and details of all model types

★ Photo I.D. section to identify aircraft.

* Plane-spotting easy photo I.D. *

★ Includes pricing for Kit-planes as well as factory models.

★ Specifications include, Cruise speed - Capacity - Range - payload.

玩書籍App|Aircraft Guide civil aircraft免費|APP試玩

★ Includes aircraft career and full service history

★ A to Z listings include all popular types as well as older historic aircraft.

★ All data stored offline on your device. No Internet connection required

★ Aircraft comparison graphs for quick facts.

A very valuable guide for Pilots and Aviation enthusiasts. More Aircraft are added with updates.

玩書籍App|Aircraft Guide civil aircraft免費|APP試玩

Author: Dermot Daly is an aviation enthusiast: He flew solo at 16 years old and has been interested in flying since.


玩書籍App|Aircraft Guide civil aircraft免費|APP試玩

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