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This is a simple airplane mode switching widget. This is a widget and not an application.

This application is included with my other toggles in my Premium Widget pack available for purchase in one convenient download!

***From Android 4.2 on - cannot toggle airplane mode with widget. This will now take users to the settings screen to change airplane mode. Will look into allowing this with root.

**If you are having problems seeing the widget, please try recreating the widget or reinstalling. Necessary code updates may require this action, sorry!

This is designed to match my "Simple Call Forwarding" widget and the "Signals Widget" bar.

Please check out my other applications!

This is a widget. Long press on the home screen -> Add Widget -> Airplane Mode Widget

Changelog on website

If you're having a problem with it turning on/off, please email me with the phone and Android OS version you are running (GSIII w/4.0.1).

Some phones have problems with airplane mode widgets.

玩工具App|Airplane Mode Widget免費|APP試玩

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