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Aker Kasten Eye Center is the premier vision center in South Florida offering the latest advances in healthcare to meet your changing needs. These services range from comprehensive vision care and sophisticated eye surgery, to routine eye care - all delivered with the personal attention and compassionate care you deserve.

With our app you will have access to:

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* Up to date information about our practice

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* Interactive Q&A with a specialist

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* Appointment reminders

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* Appointment requests

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* Real time announcements

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* Contact the office

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And much more!

The eye surgeons, clinical care physicians, and staff at the Aker Kasten Eye Center are dedicated to meeting the needs and consistently exceeding the expectations of all those whose lives we touch in a gentle and loving manner.

The skill levels and technology of today’s medical field advance at a staggering pace. Research, computerized technology and extremely sophisticated instruments make life better and longer for almost all of us in American society.

True excellence, however, in any profession cannot be measured solely on the basis of technical instruments and finely tuned skills. The delivery of quality surgery and excellence in the medical field also requires that a continuous effort be made to recognize our patient as individuals – real people – and to maintain a personal touch with them.

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