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You can register and save Todo on the calendar and AlarmCalendar reminds you by alarm!

AlarmCalendar is able you to set very detailed alarm setting like, everyday, week selection and day selection. Alarm is repeatable so you can save monthly money transfer, regular meetings, dog-walking, trash day, cram school, Gym and culture lessons etc...

You can set volume and alarm sound from "Alarm" button of Menu.

When Todo is saved, "Leaf" mark will be displayed on the date of the calendar. You can understand at one view that you have saved something on that date.

*From the left button*

1. "Today" button: Go back to the todays date.

2. "Left" & "Right" button: Move the date right and left.


3. "Alarm Setting" button: Move to the Alarm Setting screen and register Todo .

4. "List" button: You can see the list of Memo.

1. Mark on the date: When you save a Todo, "Leaf" mark will be displayed on the date. "Blue circle" will be appeared on today's date.

2. Tap "Enter notifications!" → move to the Memo (Todo) Registration screen. Enter memo and save → go back to the calendar automatically.

3. You can confirm the memo saved in the list of the calendar. Tap one of the memos → move to the Memo (Todo) Registration screen. → check the checkbox if you have done the Todo. By doing so, you can see at one view on the calendar if you have done it or not.

1. Press "Alarm Setting" button on the calendar. → move to the Alarm Setting screen.


2. Press "New" button → enter the notification's content, select the week and specified days → Press "Save".

3. You can confirm the saved content in the list. Press "Back" button of the mobile to go back to the calendar.

1. "Setting": You can customize your calendar.

2. "Password": Set a password.

3. "Mark": You can add marks on the date of the calendar.

* You can delete the mark by selecting the same mark and tap twice.


4. "Alarm": Set volume and alarm sound.


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