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Every solution is either acidic or alkaline. These solutions can be anything from body fluids, such as stomach acid and blood, to beverages, such as wine or coffee. Acidity and alkalinity are measured in pH. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14, with 0 the most acidic, and 14 the most alkaline. Ideally, our body fluid's pH should stay on the alkaline side: between 7.35 and 7.45.

Keeping our acidity and alkalinity balanced means regulating the hydrogen ion concentration in our body fluids.

Alkaline Food for Health is an application containing acidity & alkalinity values for over 350 types of food. These food are grouped into categories according to their alkalinity, and it is an excellent reference for those who wishes to control the alkalinity of food intake.

玩健康App|Alkaline Food for Health免費|APP試玩

The application is optimized for Android 1.6+ devices.



This application has the following features:

- 2-Level Category Views with THUMBNAIL preview of each item

玩健康App|Alkaline Food for Health免費|APP試玩

- All Category View to preview all items in alphabetical order

- Single Category View to list items of the same category

- Ability to BOOKMARK selected items for easier reference

- A food name SEARCH engine

- OFFLINE browsing


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玩健康App|Alkaline Food for Health免費|APP試玩

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