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玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩

Planning a trip and requires calendar for dates? Managing your business tour days? Calculating after how many days from

today is your anniversary?

Here is an app for you.

玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩

AllAboutDays is a very simple yet useful app for routine days' calculations.It will help you know,which is the date/day

after few days from today.It will help you knowing day for a date too!And lots more things will be calculated when you

plan your schedules for upcoming days.. :)

玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩

This app will definitely make your day management easier with simple UI and quick response.


- Tells you which day it will be,for a given date

玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩

- Calculates which will be the date/day for given number of days from today

- Calculates number of days between two dates

- Tells you the date for given next day. Ex: Next TUESDAY would be 23 November 2010.

玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩


days,calendar,manage days,schedule,day management,plan trip

玩工具App|All About Days免費|APP試玩

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