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玩工具App|All Buttons免費|APP試玩

An alternative to the home and power button.

Use our app to save your buttons.

You can create or remove a notification in your notification drawer that contains four icons

1- "Home" (to go to your home screen)

玩工具App|All Buttons免費|APP試玩

2- "Recent Apps" (to launch the most recent apps switcher)

3- "Lock Screen" (to lock your screen)

4- "All Buttons" (to go to the main page of our app)

You can send two shortcuts to your home screen ("Lock Screen" shortcut and "Recent Apps" shortcut).

玩工具App|All Buttons免費|APP試玩

(One is for locking your screen, another is recent apps switcher).

Note: - To lock the screen, you must check "Enable App to Lock Screen" option in our app.

Note: - To uninstall our app, you must unchecked "Enable App to Lock Screen" option in our app or go to "Settings—>Security—>Device administrators" and shut off "All Buttons" device administrator.

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