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This is the official test app for AnJaRoot. It is able to tell you if AnJaRoot

is installed correctly on your device, if it's functional and is also an

example implementation for developers.

As it's only a test interface for AnJaRoot you are not required to install it on your device.

If you want to support the development of AnJaRoot in the future you can buy

the AnJaRoot Donate app on the Play Store. It may (but unlikely) get special,

donaters only, features in the future. I you don't want or can't spend money

on AnJaRoot you may also contribute to the project by submitting patches.

All parts of AnJaRoot are licensed under popular opensource licenses. The main

"AnJaRoot" app, the "AnJaRoot Tester" and "AnJaRoot Donate" are licensed under

玩工具App|AnJaRoot Tester免費|APP試玩

the GPLv3 to keep any modifications of the source open for the community. The

"AnJaRoot Library" is licensed under the Apache License to enable people to

develop closed source software. If you make any change to the library I would

higly appreciate it if you would send your change upstream as a patch to

support the community, same applies for the other AnJaRoot components.

Source repositories:

AnJaRoot -

AnJaRoot Library -

AnJaRoot Tester -

AnJaRoot Donate -

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