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Andrei Platonov recognized classic of Russian literature. No matter how experienced his destiny, he continued to believe in the possibility of human happiness, the true values ​​of the world. The heroes of his works with his life and actions asserting their right to faith and doubt, courage, and eccentricity, simplicity and firmness - all that makes us human.

The collection includes 21 work of the writer:


Tree Homeland

Girl Rose


The soul of man - indecent animal (feuilleton of bastard)


Still mum

Clay house in the provincial garden

State resident

Ivan the Great

玩書籍App|Andrei Platonov. Collection 4免費|APP試玩

First Ivan

Seventh person

In the beautiful and violent world (Machinist Maltsev)

Magic Ring



In store

Notes of the child

Iron old

Zhea driver

玩書籍App|Andrei Platonov. Collection 4免費|APP試玩

Everyday business

Books in Russian!

玩書籍App|Andrei Platonov. Collection 4免費|APP試玩

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