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玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩

Provide real time system statistics in the form of text and graph. You will be able to monitor CPU, RAM, Storage and Network, file systems and BATTERY.


-Works fast, consumes minimum of memory, low CPU usage, which also saves battery power.

-Totally free for Android mobiles and tablets

-with a simple UI

玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩


-CPU Monitor ¨C displays a graph of the current CPU load.

-Memory monitor ¨C displays a graph of memory usage.

-Storage monitor ¨C displays a graph of storage usage.

-Network monitor ¨C show us Rx, Tx

玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩

-file system occupy

-power detailed information


1. You can add to the notification area icon of current CPU usage, memory usage and network icon.

2. Supports to auto run. If this option is enabled, after every reboot of the system will display an icon in notification area. When press icon the System monitor run.

3. We can choose to stop monitoring when battery is lower than 10%.

玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩

This free app Android System Monitor is an all-in-one system monitor here. With this tool, we can control our Android easily. Download it for free now!


1. Our ads partners may add some notification ads or icon ads in this app for finance support.

2. Do you have any ideas, wishes or proposals for improvement? Please help us to make this app even better! Send us an email!

玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩

3. Try to deactivate this app in ¡°DEVICE ADMINSTRTION¡± of ¡°LOCATION & SECURITY¡± if you want to uninstall it.

A system can be a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole or a set of elements and relationships which can be different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets.

玩工具App|Android System Monitor免費|APP試玩

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