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玩生產應用App|Android Text Editor免費|APP試玩

Application that allows you to edit any text files in your android phone. A unique feature of this application is that you can store all the files on your server and access them by FTP directly from the program! This approach ensures complete confidentiality and security of your information. As well it helps you to share text information with your other devices, and to have access to it from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access. A program functions such as line numbering, encoding choice and the status bar to help you edit text with great ease.


- Work with your FTP server;

玩生產應用App|Android Text Editor免費|APP試玩

- Work with files in your smartphone;

- Line numbering;

- Encoding choice. Auto encoding choise coming soon;

玩生產應用App|Android Text Editor免費|APP試玩

- Search by text;

- Customise color;

- Choise of font style;

玩生產應用App|Android Text Editor免費|APP試玩

If you want any special encoding, write me a mail and it will be added in the next update.

玩生產應用App|Android Text Editor免費|APP試玩

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