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玩娛樂App|Androidabot Transformer免費|APP試玩

Turns your ASUS Transformer tablet into a real Transformer!

NOTE: This is for devices with DETACHABLE keyboards! For a version of the app that works with sliding/closing keyboards search for "Droidabot Transformer"

Enable this simple service and when you "transform" from tablet to laptop or laptop to tablet you you will hear that familiar "doot doot doot doot" sound of a robot to vehicle transformation. So, is your new tablet a Decepti-tablet or an Auto-pad? ASUS-Prime or ASUSTron? EEEPadBee or PadScream?... you get the point.

Developed and tested specifically for the ASUS Transformer Honeycomb Tablet, but there is no reason it shouldn't work for any device with a removable keyboard. NOTE: "Removable" means that the keyboard completely detaches from the device (Like the ASUS EEEPad Transformer). Again, see "Droidabot Transformer" for a version designed to work with sliding/closing keyboards.

玩娛樂App|Androidabot Transformer免費|APP試玩

For persistent licensing check failure: Make sure you have wifi enabled and present on first launch. Some users have reported that rebooting the device helps too. After the first successful license check it gets much more forgiving.

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