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AntiSpy – we detect spyware. Spyware is designed to invade your privacy and tell other people where you are, what you are doing, who you are talking to and more. Antivirus software protects you from software that will damage your phone. AntiSpy protects you from spyware that can damage your life. This is the only app designed specifically for antispyware purposes.

AntiSpy detects the most malicious spyware out there. Malicious spyware can copy text messages, record phone calls, record conversations and more. AntiSpy is designed to detect the spyware that does those things. We also detect some spyware that monitors your web surfing habits or gets minimal personal data. But we know there are other products out there doing that already. What you cannot find anywhere else is true antispy software like this.

AntiSpy finds and notifies you of spyware that spies on you - through your phone! We find spyware that can record conversations or track your specific location. Some of this spyware people pay to put on your phone. Some of it appears to be legitimate software on Android markets. Spyware tries to hide itself with different names and in different places. Searching for it manually is nearly impossible, and the names and companies change to prevent detection. We monitor your phone and the spyware market for you.

If you are worried about spyware on your phone or someone using your phone to spy on you, this product is the ideal product to protect you. This is the premier antispyware app.

Note: we require you to setup a user account (an email address and password). This is necessary to prevent someone from installing spyware on your phone and then deleting evidence of it from AntiSpy. Install the app and read more about our features to prevent this problem.

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