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AndroHelm AntiVirus for Androids Mobile (Smartphone) and Tablet Security for Android +Anti-Theft, Full version with advanced features and facilities for the perfect operation of your mobile phone,tablet and Web security in any situations. Protects your Android mobile phone and tablet against viruses,spyware and malware.



✔ Minimum requirements for installation and operation

✔ Protection from harmful applications, viruses and espionage programs


✔ Scanning upon request and at every installation of the applications +double scan

✔ Remote blocking of the device


✔ Remote deletion of the mobile device contents

✔ Remote location of your phone


✔ Free regular updates, bonuses and presents, and also reinstallation when it is accidentally deleted

✔ Remote siren switching on when lost or stolen


✔ Sound notification when any harmful programs or viruses are detected

✔ Anti-spam: Blocker of entering and outgoing calls/sms


✔ Black list of phone numbers

✔ Various filtration options


✔ Privacy protection- view of potentially dangerous applications and their rights

✔ Phone location via the Internet or GPS with a link to Google Maps


✔ Remote phone lockout/unlock

✔ Quarantine


✔ Performance info

✔ Backups of installed apps


✔ Traffic monitoring

✔ Statistics



★ Applications locker


★ Web security,Virus protection

★ Cache Cleaner


★ Applications Manager

★ Recommendations on security


Sms – commands:

• locate – locate your phone by Internet/GPS


• wipe – delete all data

• callme – call to your phone

• siren –remote siren

• lock – lock your phone with password

• unlock – unlock your phone

Structure: password command


• 123 callme

• 123 locate

• 123 lock password 1

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