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*WARNING, in certain circumstances improper use of this app may prevent you from being able to run any apps other than your selected home app - only use the lock-down features if you are sure you know what you are doing!*

Use this handy little app to bind any other app to the home button. This is the PRO version and contains NO adds

Got an Android TV box and want to boot straight into your favourite media player? - This app is for you!

Running a 'display model' and only want customers to use a specific app? - This app is for you!

Got a spare Android phone that you want to dedicate to a Skype-only device? - This app is for you!


玩工具App|Any App Home Pro免費|APP試玩

-Select any installed app to be launched as your 'home' app

-Adds an icon to the task bar allowing you to launch other apps (Pro users can remove this feature - but use with caution!*)

-Splash screen with customizable greetings and image (Pro users can switch the splash screen off - use with caution!*)

-Optional password protection to app draw/settings - prevent other users from messing around

*Although not the primary function of this app, the Pro version could, in certain circumstances, act as a 'lock down' to prevent access to any other area of the device. To accomplish this, you need to ensure that the app you have selected *only* runs in full-screen mode, then disable the splash screen. Make sure your device is set to NOT automatically update any software firs. BE CAREFUL USING THIS APP IN THIS MANNER. As stated, it is NOT the primary purpose of the app, and by using it in this way you may need to perform a factory reset before being able to run any other app.

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