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Applock Guardian

Program allows you to block access to selected application, access may be obtained by selecting pattern or PIN.

Program is working in different way than ordinary Applocker, doesn't terrorize user by requests entering password, works only when needed, login session is reset by screen or optionally by countdown timer, program always is trying to determine whether screen lock is really need it.

● If you notice anything unusual, please let me know first, my email address is at the bottom of this page

WARNING for Lollipop (Android 5.x and above) users, In order to work properly app need to have access to usage statistics, also icon is new to fit Material design


玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● blocks access to selected applications

● settings profiles

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● add applications from list

● add application from screen

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● two types of screen locks, pattern and pin

● session mode, single login for all applications

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● ability to set wallpaper or live wallpaper instead solid color as background, may not work on all devices

● reset login after screen turn off

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● reset login when application window disappears

● reset login after time

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● reset login by clicking on notification

● reset login by clicking on widget

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● blocking access to programs relevant to device safety, such as System Settings, Google Play, Application Installer

● ability to change lock screen style

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● ability to remove launcher icon, to restore icon go to application detail in system settings and click on "Manage Space"

● vibration/beep feedback

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● changeable visibility of pattern elements

● event log, whether user obtained access to application and when

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● top bar can be visible or hidden, not available if using wallpapers and compatibility mode is off

● navigation bar can be visible or hidden, only for Android 4.4 and above

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● application can become device administrator

● screen lock animation

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● import/export applications list to file

● random keypad layout


玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● If wallpaper is displaying incorrectly go to Advanced section in Settings and mark Compatible mode

● Notification shows authorization state for system, not for activity that is currently visible, manual authorization reset has no effect on the currently displayed window, as long is visible

玩工具App|App Guardian免費|APP試玩

● Before first use you have to create pattern or PIN

● App can be only installed in internal memory, because removing removable storage can be used to bypass lock

● If application cannot be removed, probably because is signed as Device Administrator, you have to go to Preferences -> Security -> Device Administrator -> find app and remove selection then uninstall app

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