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AppMeter lets you monitor any Play Store application to get statistics about ratings and releases through time.

Just set the package name and AppMeter handles the rest. No authentication necessary, AppMeter retrieve publicly available data.


- Retrieves information about the current release (version, date, size, install range, price, average rating, ratings count, stars)

- Stores information through time

- Shows charts abouts average ratings, stars evolution, ratings count, releases

- Notifies you when new ratings are available or when a new version of an app has been released

- Allows you to import/export stats to csv format

Charts will be meaningful once enough data has been retrieved.

If you encounter any problem or need any help using the app, feel free to contact me by e-mail or write a message on the forum :


- What is a package?

It's the unique application name, you can find it in the play store url. For instance, the AppMeter url is, so the package name is

- How do I add an application to monitor?

In the AppMeter main window, just click on the + button





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