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This version of Expense for Android is compatible with Apptricity Expense server versions 6.1+. If you are currently using Expense 6.0 or older, please download the 'Apptricity Expense Mobile' application.

Apptricity Expense provides the flexibility to report, manage and approve expenses from any location.

Employees can now enjoy a mobile app that provides ultimate ease-of-use and 24x7 accessibility. Road warriors no longer need to boot up a laptop and log in to create, review, or approve expense reports. Visit to learn more.

With the Apptricity Expense Mobile application, users can:

玩商業App|Apptricity Expense免費|APP試玩

• Take pictures of paper receipts using the camera

• Create expense items

玩商業App|Apptricity Expense免費|APP試玩

• Create expense reports

• Approve or reject expense reports while away from the office

玩商業App|Apptricity Expense免費|APP試玩

• Check the payment status of a pending report


To use this application, a user must have an account for their organization’s Apptricity Expense Management solution. After installation, the user will be prompted for a userid and password.

If you are enjoying this application, please take a moment to write a review. If you have feedback, send an e-mail to [email protected].

玩商業App|Apptricity Expense免費|APP試玩

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