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玩旅遊App|Arabic Translator Pro免費|APP試玩

Phrasebook and Translator contains all the essential travel words and phrases you will need, more than 250 phrases and words which will help you on your trip. All of content is downloaded onto your device so you do not need internet connection to use this app. In addition to the phrasebook, this app includes a full Translator which you can use with internet or data connection, translating over a million words and phrases. Use the search feature to quickly find the phrase you need, or browse one of the nine categories. The categories are Public Transportation, Common Phrases, Shopping, Restaurants, Numbers and Money, Emergencies, Hotels, Dates and Times, Asking for Directions, and Other. Rated one of the top phrasebook apps. A must have application for your trip.

玩旅遊App|Arabic Translator Pro免費|APP試玩

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