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With this application, you can control the arduino selected pin with bluetooth.

Tested with HC-05/ HC-06 module.

- in the settings menu can specify what string send to the arduino for pin control.

玩通訊App|ArduCon S Bluetooth免費|APP試玩

- live feedback from the arduino, if pin low or high.

- in the info screen, shared a simple arduino code and arduino wiring diagram.

玩通訊App|ArduCon S Bluetooth免費|APP試玩

- feedback when connected.

How to connecting to arduino:

- "settings" button / "find device"

or just long press on the big button, and select your bluetooth module.

How to disconnect from arduino:

- long press the big button if connected, or "reset" button from settings.

Optimized to phone using, no tablet guarantee!

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