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Now getting information and showcasing your latest hair creations is all at your fingertips. With the Arkansas Hair Academy mobile phone app potential and future students can get immediate access to our curriculum and share their hair designs via email or message with other students and staff. This unique Picture Fun tool allows students off-site to share photos with each other all produced through the app itself. Enjoy this feature and many more successful location and contact functions that will assist students in their quest to becoming licensed hair professionals. The app also helps students learn more about what our academy has to offer with the following programs...

COSMETOLOGY---This program teaches the many aspects of the Beauty World. You will cover all areas of Hairdressing which include cutting, coloring, highlighting, styling, chemical texturizing, hair additions and Much, Much More!!! You will also study Skin Care which includes facials, waxing, make-up and Much, Much More!!! You will also study Nail Care which includes manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nails, and nail art. Theoretical training will also be given in each unit of study in the program, along with practical instruction and training.

NAIL TECHNICIAN---This program is designed for the student that wants to only perform Nail Services. This program teaches manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nail application, and nail art.

玩教育App|Arkansas Academy Hair Design免費|APP試玩

Theoretical training as well as hands on training will be received by the student in each unit of study.

INSTRUCTOR---This program is for the Licensed Cosmetologist or Nail Technician that has a desire to share their knowledge with the new students entering into the Cosmetology Career. This program has a very demanding curriculum. The student will be learning how to teach. This program revolves around the many areas of teaching and the diversity we see everyday in the classroom. This particular student is learning to prepare class schedules, design curriculums, write lesson plans, manage projects, and present both theory and practical classes. This program is usually offered one time per year, with only a small number of applicants accepted.

玩教育App|Arkansas Academy Hair Design免費|APP試玩

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