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We select only the best narrators from Librivox. Once you buy the app, the audio books are free to download. Audiobook Pop! curates the audiobook selection so that there is minimal decision making, ease of use and great value.

Audiobooks - Austen is a Jane Austen anthology. For the Jane Austen enthusiast, this is a gimme. Not only do you get Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey, but you also get lesser known stories like Lady Susan, The History of England as well as a biography of Jane Austen by her nephew.

Listen on a road trip, waiting rooms, traffic jam – any time is a great time to listen to audio books.

Once you buy the app, the audio book downloads are FREE.


This app is Android devices, 2.2 and above.

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩

Application Features:

-- Professionally Curated Librivox Audiobooks

-- Simple and Intuitive

-- Bookmark and Auto Resume

-- Hundreds of Hours of Audiobooks

-- Filter by Author, Title, Duration and Keywords

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩


Audiobook Pop! gives you a clean app, free of adware, pop ups and malware.

The books in the app are in the public domain, selected from the best narrators at They include:

- Pride and Prejudice

- Sense and Sensibility

- Emma

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩

- Mansfield Park

- Northanger Abbey

- Persuasion

- Jane Austen’s Juvenilia

- Lady Susan

- Love and Friendship

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩

- The History of England

- The Watsons

- Plan of a Novel, According to Hints from Various Quarters

- Memoir of Jane Austen

Audiobook Pop! was founded to provide a solution to the following three points of pain:

-- buying audiobooks is expensive,

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩

-- owning, renting and borrowing CDs can be a hassle,

-- sifting through thousands of books in other apps is overwhelming.

玩書籍App|Audiobooks - Austen免費|APP試玩

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