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The "Avaya Media Station 1.0" application is designed to support Avaya's E169 Media Station device. The Avaya E169 Media Station is an ethernet-connected "smart device docking stations" designed for desktop use by enterprise businesses who have the Avaya Aura or Avaya IP Office Enterprise Communication solutions.

玩通訊App|Avaya Media Station免費|APP試玩

The E169 desktop docking device allows iPhone and iPad users to physically dock their iOS devices to the Avaya Media Station. Users can also pair their smart devices to the media station via Bluetooth headset profile. When an iPhone or iPad is docked and paired via Bluetooth to an Avaya Media Station, the user can control the media station with the Avaya Media Station app. The Avaya Media Station app allows the user to login to and use their SIP-based business extension on Avaya's Aura 6.3+ SIP Communications server or Avaya's IP Office 9.0.3+ SIP Communication Server. The application keeps a log of the users recent Aura/IPO and celluar calls for easy redialing. The application also integrates to the users iOS contacts for easy touch dialing.

玩通訊App|Avaya Media Station免費|APP試玩

To learn more about Avaya's complete portfolio of Business Communication Solutions, go to www.avaya.com.

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