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The BA toolkit houses a glossary of terms used in the broad Business Analysis profession.

It gives you better understanding on what business analysts need to know in a structured and contained toolkit. Examples of covered terms include the different diagrams manipulated by BA’s (UML class diagram, activity diagram, Data Flow diagram…), the main types of analysis performed in this discipline (Current State analysis, As Is To Be analysis, Future State analysis…) and much more concepts to be familiar with.

The BA Toolkit will continue to expand in future releases.

玩商業App|BA toolkit免費|APP試玩

The BA Toolkit allows you to

* Search the definition of a particular word or abbreviation

* Search all terms and abbreviations relative to a particular category (Diagram, methodology…)

玩商業App|BA toolkit免費|APP試玩

* Add terms to a list of favourites for easy reference

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