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From the developer of the number one Workout Trackers!

This app helps you follow and track your progress while doing the 4 week "Brazil Butt Lift" workout program from Beachbody. This app allows you to:

- Track your progress following one of the 4 calendars

- Check off each workout completed and the date you completed it

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

- See what workout you've got next and how long that workout will take

- Create a photo-log of your progress

- View photo-log in cover-flow like interface

- Track common measurements like weight and waist size

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

- Plot progress on interactive chart

- Add notes to each workout

- Post workout completions to Facebook and Twitter (Note you need to have Facebook/Twitter setup under your device settings)

- Track multiple workout profiles

- Export data

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

- and much more!

I hope you find this app helpful in your journey to fitness! Enjoy :)

Key Features

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

- Tracking: It's never been easier to track your workouts and plan for what's coming up. No more searching for that paper calendar, just pull out your phone or iPad!

- Multiple Profiles: Under "My Workouts" you can track as many profiles as you like. For example one for you and one for your friend as you workout together. Or if you're like me and have done the program multiple times!

- Sharing: Nothing keeps you motivated like posting a workout completion to Twitter or Facebook. Post your weight loss graph and get even more support from the Facebook likes or the Twitter comments! (Note the sharing feature uses the built in sharing from iOS and will only be available for services you've enabled on your device)

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

- Photos: Track your progress with photos! Take a photo once a week or even daily. I recommend consistency when taking photos, always pose the same way and orient the camera the same way. This makes scrolling through them in the cover-flow interface much nicer.

- Notes: You can log custom notes for each workout. Keep dietary or other information in the notes to help you remember how you felt or what you did to make that workout special.

- Export: If your a "Hyper" tracker, then export your data to a tab delimited file which you can open in your favorite spreadsheet program (excel, numbers, spreadsheet...). The export exports everything except the photos due to technical limitations of a tab delimited file. (note you must have email setup on the device as that's the vehicle I use to send the export)

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

Note: This app is no way associated with Beach Body LLC or the Brazil Butt Lift program.

玩健康App|BBL Tracker免費|APP試玩

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