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玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

*** More than 300 instructive Baby Signs videos in the app! ***

** The best baby signs app on Android market**

**** NEW UPDATE - Now you can record, save and share your own personal baby signs with the app **** A new and unique feature, only available in the ’Baby Sign for all’-app!

’Baby Signs for all’ is highly recommended by doctor, ph.d., Vibeke Manniche (Renowned author of several baby books, and expert in children)

With Baby Signs you can start to communicate with your baby when it is 6 -9 months old.

The App also includes a special quiz feature, where you can test your Baby Sign skills!

The App includes:

More then 300 different instructive Baby Sign videos

Special quiz feature – put your Baby Sign knowledge to the test

玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

All the Baby Signs are categorized

Save your selected and preferred Baby Signs under ‘favorites’

About Baby Signs

玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

Baby Signs, or more precisely Baby and Children Signs, can help increase and strengthen a child’s linguistic development, making it even easier to communicate with the child before he or she can speak. Baby Signs can be used from the child is 6-9 months old and until the child speaks fluently.

It has been proven that the use of Baby Signs:

- Promotes a child’s verbal skills

- Increases the emotional connection

玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

- Reduces the child’s frustrations

- Enables the child to express needs and wishes more easily

玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

- Reduces the risks of biting and violent acts from the child

- Makes the child happier and smarter

玩教育App|Baby Signs for all免費|APP試玩

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