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玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Bar Launcher - Launch apps from anywhere!

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Bar Launcher is a small and awesome tool with which you can launch your favorite apps from the notification area. Once you've tried it, you don't want to miss it anymore!

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Your device, your apps:

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Simply add your favorite apps to the notification from the configuration app and have quick access to them for ever.

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Rearranging, the easy way:

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Just long-press an app in the configuration app and you can drag and drop it to swap the apps.

玩個人化App|Bar Launcher免費|APP試玩

Swipe to delete:

Swipe an app to the left or the right in the configuration app to delete it from the notification, and if you change your mind, just undo the action.

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