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玩教育App|Basketball Fan免費|APP試玩

Take a look at this exiting story about a boy’s aspirations towards his favorite basketball team. Even though he´s too short, too young, and has little experience, he still does his best to demonstrate his passion for the game. Enjoy this story as our protagonist decides to participate in a design competition for his team’s mascot.

This story encourages children to look beyond their circumstances and reach for the starts. It teaches them that with a bit of effort exciting heights can be reached.

Basketball takes on new dimensions with this young boy. He realizes quickly that he can be involved in many different ways.

Enjoy this upbeat, motivational and creative story with your children. With interactive features, narration and cool sound effects on each page, this story will be a hit among the little ones.


• Interactive fun guaranteed!

玩教育App|Basketball Fan免費|APP試玩

• Colorful and child friendly graphics

• Text Narration

玩教育App|Basketball Fan免費|APP試玩

♫ Original music and sound effects

• ‘Read by myself’ and ‘Read to Me options’

玩教育App|Basketball Fan免費|APP試玩

• Adapted for children ages 3+

TAGS: library , story , books , kids , learn , toddlers , kindergarten , interactive , adventure , sport , basketball , touchybooks , touchy , books

玩教育App|Basketball Fan免費|APP試玩

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