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玩體育競技App|Basketball Madness Pro免費|APP試玩

Here comes the Basketball Madness for basketball lovers.

Basketball Madness is a game that gives you feeling of playing basketball in real and all basketball lovers can practice their shots. Its an addictive game with unlimited chances.

There are 2 modes to play

玩體育競技App|Basketball Madness Pro免費|APP試玩

1. Timed mode : Play unlimited and post your highest score on scoreboard. In 45 seconds, make maximum number of baskets and create more score.

2. Target mode : Complete the target and clear the levels. Play as long as you want as there is no limit on levels.

玩體育競技App|Basketball Madness Pro免費|APP試玩

How to play: Choose a player, select the mode to play and start playing.

玩體育競技App|Basketball Madness Pro免費|APP試玩

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