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Application which will extremely increase your battery life by one click. Also you will have all informations of your battery, so you will absolutely control your battery. Application is based on simple UI, so also beginners can simply use it.


★WiFi - Wifi will be turned off when you turn your screen off, but not while charging.

★Bluetooth - It automatically turns bluetooth off after some time when you are disconnected or simply when you forget to turn it off.

★Brightness - New smart brightness technology which sets your brightness according time of day. It is great for battery consumption.

★Synchronization - Very smart function which synchronizes your all accounts only once a day when you are connected to network and only for some time which you can set.

玩工具App|Battery Control免費|APP試玩

★Mobile data connection - This function works the same as wifi.

★File cache (!) - Your file cache will be set for the lowest battery consumption.


★Simple UI

★All info about your battery - For example: state of your battery, power, it also calculates accurate time to discharging, and many other things.

★Settings - You can choose which of these factors, application can control, etc.

玩工具App|Battery Control免費|APP試玩

★Battery calibration (!) - Great for users which have terrible battery life or useful after you flash new ROM.

★Utilities - You can set that application will run and will control factors which you can see above only when your battery drops under some value.


(!) - for root users

The main advantage of this application is that you can control it only by one button, so you don't have to set some other things. Just click on button and application will start to save your battery life. All these factors which you can see above are fully customizable.

Also application frequently calculate your phone usage in order to calculate timeleft and phone power.

玩工具App|Battery Control免費|APP試玩

Measurement is more acurate with incrasing or decrasing your battery level.

If you would like to calculate phone power you have to set up battery capacity in settings.

玩工具App|Battery Control免費|APP試玩

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