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The tactics SLG appearance for battleships with the battleships of the battleships!

I did this game mainly on a sea fight carried out in World War II particularly bombardment war between battleships

It is a tactics simulation game.

Although it is easy, the fleet motion becomes the thing which reproduced a historical fact and is the representative shooting method

I simulate good chance marksmanship.

With the game that is nearer in a historical fact than looking over by too free fleet motion in defiance of a historical fact in conventional bombardment war SLG

玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

It becomes.

Six scenarios which are attached

Scenario 1

The battleship vs. battleship (exercise scenario)

It is the exercise scenario that Soviet Union battleship and Yamato fight.

Scenario 2

The Yamato vs. Musashi (history IF scenario)

I am opposed over peace after the Mariana Islands sea fight victory in the military authorities,

玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

A rebel army is Musashi, and Yamato prevents it toward the U.S. fleet attack.

Scenario 3

Gulf of Ishikari sea fight 1945 (history IF scenario)

The history IF scenario which the Japanese Navy includes victory in by Leyte sea fight

The Soviet Union forces invade and attack by this scenario in Hokkaido in last years of Pacific War,

It overthrows confrontation, that of Soviet Union battleship corps with Yamato

It is to defend Hokkaido to the death.

Scenario 4

玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

Okinawa offing sea fight 1945 (history IF scenario)

Yamato confronts a U.S. battleship corps by the activity of the Japanese military Airlines corps by this scenario

It is history IF scenario doing.

Scenario 5

1951 Manchurian disturbance Tsushima offing sea fight (history IF scenario)

By this scenario victory by the Mariana Islands sea fight of Japan and failure of the Normandy landing operation,

I build the world assuming German Soviet Union peace after the war.

玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

I simulate a marine decisive battle of the Soviet Union forces and the Japan-U.S. Allied Forces which invaded and attacked in Manchurian.

Scenario 6

Malaysia offing bombardment war (history IF scenario)

In the world where navy disarmament treaty was not collected in by this scenario 88 fleets, three years plan fleet

I reproduce British Orient fleet and the confrontation of the Japanese battleship corps centering on the Japan-U.S. confrontation that I completed.

The scenarios may increase at the time of application update.

A program: KOSE

玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

Graphic: KOSE

BGM: I use material of Purgatory garden.

I confirmed movement in Android2.3.6 GalaxyS2,Android4.0.2 Sony Tablet S.

It supports a tablet terminal.


玩策略App|BattleShip YAMATO免費|APP試玩

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