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A very easy, relaxing, fun and interesting way to begin your effortless change. Try it a few times this week and see if you find it easier to concentrate.

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

- Includes bonus material

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

- Simple app. Just install and a few taps to listen to your hypnotism audio.

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

- Free!

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

- Recorded by a professional hypnotist.

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

- Very easy way to begin to beat procrastination

If you're easily distracted, you'll know that changing procrastination habit can be the best way to start getting more productive!

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can make it so much easier, in fact - it's enjoyable! All you need to do is get comfortable, relax, and listen to the audio. You can even sleep! Your distraction habit will soon start to change for motivation. Help bring time wasting and procrastination to an end and create a lifestyle of productivity.

With hypnosis for procrastination and success it’s about getting back in control, to make good habits that you can enjoy.

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

Imagine what it would be like to:

Plan and organize everything according to a proper schedule and stick to that schedule so things will be done correctly and on time.

Never feel the need to rush and cut corners to complete something on time.

Be the type of person other people can count on when things need to get done.

People love to put things off in order to gain the instant gratification now. This obviously leads to problems because we all have responsibilities we need to perform. Sometimes those are tasks others (like a boss) assign for us, other times they are goals we’ve set for ourselves that we never seem to make time for. A great example is learning an instrument, or another language. Most people have desires to live much greater than they currently do, but procrastination robs them of the only thing they really possess: the present moment.

“Procrastination is the thief of time; collar him” - Charles Dickens

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” - Abraham Lincoln

玩個人化App|Beat Procrastination Hypnosis免費|APP試玩

Why we procrastinate:

People procrastinate for a variety of different reasons, here are just a few of the common ones:

Fear of failure

Fear of success

Fear of the unknown

Believe it or not laziness is not the main reason people procrastinate. We are all motivated to do things, and our inner hopes and fears are what guide that motivation. It’s important to ask yourself a few questions to determine why you are putting off a particular task.

This app will help you manage your procrastination with relaxing audio hypnosis from a professional hypnotist. It is completely free, and even features bonus material to read while you wait for your eyes to close naturally to fall asleep...

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