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Hello,my friends in entire world!

Welcome to my photos of "Beaut of Japan".

E-Book(Photo Album)

"Beauty of Japan"

"Autumn Colors of Leaves"

60 famous spots of Autumn Leaves in Japan


About 70% of land is forested in Japan.

The habitable zones in Japan, mainly located in coastal areas, have extremely high

population densities. Japan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

But, these forests and mountaines have been providing very fantasic "NATURAL BEAUTY",

玩書籍App|Beauty of Japan Autumn color免費|APP試玩

specially, in Autumn, they will show overworldly BEAUTY which are called "Autumn Leaves"

Since ancient times, Japanese have been enjoying changing colors of autumn leaves.

I do not think it's an exaggeration to say that Japan is unprecedented country

which has extreme natural beauty in the world.

In this e-book, I want to show sixty(60) famous spots for the beautiful colored leaves

in Japan from Hoikkaido in the north to Kyusyu in the south.

Every Autumn, so many foreign tourists have been visiting Japan in onder to enjoy

autumn colors of leaves.

Even if you do not visit to Japan, you can enjoy autumn leaves in this e-book.

About 1.5 years ago, major eartchquake and Tunami had striken in Tohhoku District ofJapan,

we, Japanese, unfortunately had lost about 18,000 precious lives.

However, Japanese has been making efforts toward recover of this extraordinay disaster

and "NATURAL BEAUTY" of Japan has been remaining.

I believe that these photos of Japanese Natural Beauty of Autumn Leaves will heal or nurse your soul.

Please enjoy this fantasic photos as a time of relief.

I hope that you will come to Japan and enjoy Autumn Leaves in Japan SOMEDAY.

Writer ane Publisher:

Interpreter, Translator,

Writer and Smartphone's Application Creator

玩書籍App|Beauty of Japan Autumn color免費|APP試玩


Tokyo, Japan

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